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User- and Eco-Friendly Incinerator



Our incinerators offer unprecedented performance.
Kusukusu’s incinerators are recommended if you are considering upgrading your old incinerator,
or for companies looking for more effective incineration,
as well as for those who are seeking an eco-friendly, high-performance incinerator.

Antarctica has strict environmental standards.

Kusukusu Incinerator


Antarctica has strict environmental standards.

Antarctica is known for thorough pro-environment behavior due to international treaties and regulations.
Kusukusu's incinerators have been used at the Showa Station in Antarctica
even today because our incinerators can curb the generation of dioxins and have the capacity to burn waste in large quantities at once.
It also generates a smaller amount of ash in the end.

No need to worry about the installation location.

Kusukusu Incinerator


Compact design for installation in any area.

With our unique technology, our incinerator is capable of holding a large amount of waste at once.
It can process the same amount of industrial waste as a conventional incinerator even though the size is smaller.
Kusukusu’s incinerators are used in many corporations, schools, hospitals, and other special facilities.

For driving down costs.

Kusukusu Incinerator


Large amounts of waste are automatically incinerated at once.

Conventional incinerators have a limit on the amount of wastes to be incinerated to burn easier.
Our incinerator, in comparison, can safely process waste even though the furnace is fully loaded with waste, thanks to our unique technology.
In addition, once the incinerator is ignited, it automatically burns waste, which allows you to work on the next task.

Decompressed combustion system helps reduce ashes.

Kusukusu Incinerator

High power

Decompressed combustion system
helps reduce ashes for easy cleaning.

Thanks to our unique technology,
our incinerators offer improved combustion efficiency even when the furnace is fully packed while generating fewer ashes than conventional incinerators.
It is easy to clean up after, and workers can get to next tasks more quickly than with other incinerators.

Waste is reduced to nearly one-twentieth after incineration.

Examples of incineration

Kusukusu’s incinerators are widely used in various industries.
Please check below for the examples of wastes incinerated in our incinerators.




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